Hurricane Rated Garage Doors

Give your garage a new refurbished look ready to take on strong winds and hurricane events. Hurricane rated garage doors are designated wind load-rated reinforcements that have been approved for storm resistance as per federal building codes for USA. Ranked as the pinnacle of window and door technology, hurricane rated garage doors are perfect for modern and contemporary homes located in windy geographical areas. 

Hurricane rated garage doors are available in two systems:

-  Reinforced garage door that can be added before the storm arrives, and removed when the normal weather conditions resume.
-  Secured garage doors with proper locking and safety package that can stay as long as you want them to be.

  • Smooth rolling tracks
  • Strong structure to withstand high pressure and wind speeds
  • Protection against both positive and negative pressures
  • Retrofit and contemporary hurricane garage door designs
  • Variety of size and finish with cool colours 

  • Super finish with stylish designs, both indoor and outdoor
  • Motorised garage doors for greater ease of operation
  • Feather light doors with best-in-world structural stability and strength against storms
  • Specific hurricane garage doors and windows with professional installation services

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